Thursday, April 30, 2009

Water Boarding for Dollars

I always wanted to post my opinion about Sean Hannity. The reason that I never went ahead with my plan was that I knew my opinion would be about the same as it would be for any far right fundamentalist. To some I would be preaching to the choir and to others I would be a biased left wing socialist. So I will let Sean himself let you know what kind of a person he is by watching this short clip.


conservative generation April 30, 2009 at 7:00 AM  


I had a recent post on this as well. I must admit however, I'm disappointed in both Hannity and Olbermann. I think these guys need to practise what they preach. If Hannity is going to down play water boarding and say he'd go through it for charity, he'd better do it! However, if Olbermann is going to say that water boarding is torture, horrible, serious and shouldn't be done on terrorist prisoners, then he shouldn't be promoting it to be done on a conservative! All the progs love to see Hannity called out and he was, but it's also hypocritical. If we souldn't do it, we shouldn't do it on anyone.

Brian Anderson April 30, 2009 at 7:25 PM  

Both are so extreme its difficult to watch them talk about ech other. Ouch.

Joseph M. Fasciana May 2, 2009 at 12:30 AM  

Hi General, Hi Brian

I don't have any special place in my heart for K.O. The only post I did on him was negative in nature.

The difference between the two is that K.O. has come down on Obama several times already. He has also on occasion hit on left wing senators and congresspersons from time to time.

Hannity defends anything right wing, in his eyes its the right wing or the highway. He will lie and distort facts like the rest of the talking heads do, but his party or his people never do wrong or make decisions that hurt the common good.

A quick example, when Vitter (Republican LA) was caught while being married to have a long history of patronizing prostitutes you heard nothing from Hannity.

When Spitzer (Democrat NY) was caught in his prostitution scandal, Olbermann was on his case, no mercy.

There are other examples, but I will admit I don't care for either of them but Hannity is in my view always to a fault defending the far right talking points and nothing else, no matter what the facts.



Matt Wion May 3, 2009 at 12:37 AM  

What I like about this is that Olbermann simply showed Hannity for the blowhard and coward that he is.

Granted, I would not undergo waterboarding anymore than Hannity would ... neither I suppose would Olbermann. But Olbermann does not claim he would nor deny it is torture!

By the way Joseph, excellent explanation of the difference between Hannity and Olberman!

Uncle Rob May 3, 2009 at 1:22 PM  

Your willingness to see Olbermann's stunt for anything than that shows that you are an Olbermann fan, since you are a left winger, as you have shown so well. Hannity, on the other hand is not prone to such blather, and I feel sure we will see him submit to waterboarding sometime in the not too distant future. If I were him I would ignore Olbermann on the issue, however, as he is not a serious voice on this or any other issue. Hannity is hard line conservative, but he admits it. Olbermann is hard line liberal, but he is afraid to admit it. Hannity has been willing to debate anyone on the left over the issues and has done so with quite a few. Olbermann, much like Al Gore, will not debate anyone. He never has anyone he disagrees with on his show.

What Hannity and other conservatives are saying is that waterboarding does not rise to the level of torture. It is enhanced interrogation, no doubt, but our soldiers have been put through it for years to prepare them in case they are captured.

To say the United States has been a torturer under the Bush Administration is like saying because we may have roughed up some prisoners in World War II that we were on equal ground with Nazi concentration camps. Even the detention of Japanese Americans in camps during that war do not compare. You are entitled to believe Roosevelt should not have done this to the Japanese but, just like today, any comparisons to those who truly torture and butcher are without merit.

MoRe May 5, 2009 at 9:35 PM  

Hi Joe,

I'm having a tough time understanding WHY is waterboarding considered to be such a horrible torture method. They're not removing any body parts or leaving them with broken bones or scars. Maybe it's because of the context. Here you have the CIA administering waterboarding on an international criminal, a man who's killed people for an absurd cause, who probably knows of more plans his buddies are willing to do. And you say it's torture?
This form of interrogation plays with FEAR and fear only, not with pain like midieval priests used to administer on heretics during the inquisition. It's not like it's being done on common criminals for the hell of it. And maybe because it doesn't play with pain they administered it 183 times on this guy before he cracked. I'm willing to bet he would've lasted only hours before he confessed to anything you wanted to pin on him (like shooting President Kennedy or something) if any REAL torture would have been aplyed. Don't you think?
I believe these jihadists are laughing their butts off at the Americans watching them squabble on this thing instead of thrying to put their heads together on more important things. That's my opinion anyway...

Anonymous,  May 6, 2009 at 2:21 AM  

Uncle Rob - After WWII we actually tried and convicted Japanese soldiers of torture for waterboarding American soldiers. These Japanese soldiers were executed for their crimes. Have our values changed that much in 60 years? The ticking bomb theory was used to justify our actions, yet the ticking bomb was exactly the scenario in WWII - a nuclear bomb set to go off in a major metropolitan area with cataclysmic results. I love my country ... it's the absolute hypocrisy that I can't stand

Joseph M. Fasciana May 6, 2009 at 10:30 PM  

To MoRe

I am not sure why waterboarding is considered to be so terrible.

I just know that we prosecuted and imprisoned German and Japanese personal for doing it to Americans during the past wars.

Why do you think America prosecuted our past enemies for war crimes, when all they did was waterboard Americans?????



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