Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Night Intellect Killed Hubris

Last night the President of the USA gave a speech that was an oratory delight, not to mention his commanding presence. It did not matter to me whether I agreed with every single issue that he put forth. He is an absolutely scintillating speaker and politician. He was able to speak of his agenda in such a way that the highly partisan house had no choice but to stand up and applaud him, especially when he was speaking about matters that favored the masses. The Republicans could not take a chance that a camera may have been upon their face to reveal what was going on in their minds. Staying seated was not an option for the right wing when Obama spoke of populist issues. It was an odd sight to behold, both sides of the aisle giving standing ovations in such a symphonious fashion. He had cornered the right wing using his intellect instead of hubris.
The speech given by Obama had been laced with kind of rhetoric that was hard to dismiss, because it was full of hope and it went right to the causes of the problems facing us all, he was not afraid to point out that to help in gaining solutions, much hard work lay ahead for all politicians from both sides and that all Americans had a responsibility in helping out too. If he delivers on only half of his rhetorical promises he will have achieved in the face of madness what others thought impossible, so for his ambitiousness I am with him. I hope that he succeeds because America and Americans need to have the pride and dignity not to mention the means that they have been stripped of to survive in this world spinning wildly out of control. If you stayed tune to hear the rebuttal speech given by Governor Jendal of Louisiana, I could only say that he never listened to Obama's speech in order to give a proper response. He actually started of his rebuke by bringing up Katrina. I would think that would be the last thing a Republican would want to talk about. Well in short his speech was sophomoric at best. He spoke only to the hard core right wing. I don't think he was prepared to speak to the masses about solving their economic problems, he spoke right out of the can of neo-con talking points period.


C. Bowie Photography February 25, 2009 at 1:27 PM  

Great speaker. Just nonsense pipedreams that he speaks of.

The Anti-Stupids February 27, 2009 at 7:57 AM  

The president has the daunting task of balancing a nation in fear of financial collapse, military uncertainty and global disenfranchisement. He has to walk that tight rope without the help of Republicans who are already thinking elections. Not an easy job.

Thanks for following my blog.

Keeper February 27, 2009 at 1:37 PM  

His tongue tickles the ears of his desperate listeners, somewhat like Hitler's did 80 years ago. It does not bode well for our nation, and the world.

rastacyborg March 1, 2009 at 3:35 AM  

Any specifics on how he was anything like Hitler?
Did he blame our problems on a small minority of the population?
Did he blame our problems on the actions of our neighboring countries?
Did he suggest that Americans are superior to the rest of the planet?
Give us specifics or keep the Hitler nonsense to yourself.
And we're not desperate; conservatives are desperately trying to cover their asses and change the subject rather than try to explain the last 8 years of idiocy.

Brian Anderson March 4, 2009 at 7:58 PM  

Sounded more like a campaign speech than anything else, I thought.

Walt March 8, 2009 at 10:05 AM  

And this could only be the beginning.

"I thought I would never be able to experience what the ordinary, moral German felt in the mid-1930s. In those times, the savior was a former smooth-talking rabble-rouser from the streets, about whom the average German knew next to nothing. What they did know was that he was associated with groups that shouted, shoved, and pushed around people with whom they disagreed; he edged his way onto the political stage through great oratory and promises. Economic times were tough, people were losing jobs, and he was a great speaker. And he smiled and waved a lot. And people, even newspapers, were afraid to speak out for fear that his “brown shirts” would bully them into submission. And then, he was duly elected to office, a full-throttled economic crisis at hand [the Great Depression]. Slowly but surely he seized the controls of government power, department by department, person by person, bureaucracy by bureaucracy. The kids joined a Youth Movement in his name, where they were taught what to think. How did he get the people on his side? He did it promising jobs to the jobless, money to the moneyless, and goodies for the military-industrial complex. He did it by indoctrinating the children, advocating gun control, health care for all, better wages, better jobs, and promising to re-instill pride once again in the country, across Europe, and across the world.

He did it with a compliant media–did you know that? And he did this all in the name of justice and . . . change. And the people surely got what they voted for.

(Look it up if you think I am exaggerating.)

Read your history books. Many people objected in 1933 and were shouted down, called names, laughed at, and made fun of. When Winston Churchill pointed out the obvious in the late 1930s while seated in the House of Lords in England (he was not yet Prime Minister), he was booed into his seat and called a crazy troublemaker. He was right, though".

rastacyborg March 8, 2009 at 11:04 PM  

Yeah, I feel like I just read a horoscope. Your vague assertions could be applied to almost any leader we've ever had. It makes people feel important when they think they're living in apocalyptic times. Obama's a mainstream politician who probably won't change much of anything; but at least he has a brain.

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