Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sweet Caroline...Or Sour Grapes

Just for the record, I have nothing against Caroline Kennedy. In the arena of her personal life I know that she is an accomplished lawyer, and author. She also deserves kudos for her philanthropic endeavors which leaves no doubt to the goodness of her spirit and the hope she had over the years brought to so many fellow citizens in need. She has by choice led a very reclusive life, which has no bearing on whether she would become a good senator. It is only worth mentioning this particular bit to support the feelings that I have of her, to me she appears quite abstract.

In the realm of her politics I know what you know, and that would be what she has chosen to reveal, some very profound insight. "I am a mother" and "I am a Clinton, Kennedy, Obama, Democrat. Wow, what an astounding resume for a senator to brandish during the collapse of our economy and the entrenchment of our Armed Forces in the Afghanistan and the Iraq wars. I know that my sarcasm is not very insightful or helpful, but I know full well why and where my feelings are derived from. First, Caroline Kennedy is the daughter of JFK the ruler of Camelot, and that factor is the driving force that gives the possible appointment of her to the senate, rather then for her body of political work, an aura of entitlement rather than an appointment earned from years of hard work and party loyalty.

The media never came clean on the total failure of Caroline and Ted Kennedy to deliver the iconic senators state of Massachusetts to Obama, instead most talking heads spun this failure, claiming it was the turning point in the primary race that spurred Obama on to victory when Caroline and Ted threw their support behind Obama. Truth is Hillary Clinton dug in, she won more contests from that point right to the end. This is another item which seems to diminish the political gravitas of Caroline.

My last concern about Caroline, was in the little bit of public speaking that we have been exposed to was uninspiring, from her monotone delivery and her lack of enthusiasm and fire, the common substance that when missing usually leaves the speaker flat and emotionless, left me sitting there trying to figure out how this tyro if appointed will defend her seat.


Joseph M. Fasciana January 3, 2009 at 2:30 AM  

Dear Eldebug,

I have worked hard to provide a place on my site for people from all over the world to post their concerns. There is a link at the top right hand side of this blog called World Wide Blog Board.

Please post your blog in the proper place, so you can have proper exposure with your own title, and debate with those that are interested in your article. If you choose not to re-post your article in the special location provided for you in the next 24 hours I will remove it. Thanks and I hope that you chose to use the Blog Board.



Eldebug January 3, 2009 at 4:40 PM  

sorry about that .. and thanks at all

Me-Me King January 4, 2009 at 3:17 AM  

I have reservations - not due to her qualifications or the Kennedy legacy. I think she would be torn and may not be able to give her full attention to to the office as senator. I would like to see her continue her work in the private sector.

Joseph M. Fasciana January 6, 2009 at 8:27 AM  

Hi Me-Me,

I guess I just think this is a quid pro quo appointment as a favor to Ted Kennedy. Maybe she will be fine, but my heart says it isn't a fairly earned appointment.



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