Saturday, December 13, 2008

Apathetic Americans Make America Pathetic

I am guessing that the last eight years of the Republican administrations destruction of America, with the help of the usual spineless Democrats seemed to be okay for everyone in this country. Well look at us now as we all stand on edge. We now have to lean on Communist red China for cash , and the Saudi monarchy for energy. Two countries that have as much use for human rights as Bush and Cheney have for the Constitution of the United States of America. As our government deregulated conglomerates and tortured the (enemy) and abased the middle class, no one really cared, and why should you, did you or a family member experience rendition, you haven't lost your home, or job? Well even though a few politicians lost their jobs this last electoral cycle, for the most part the rest of them were pretty secure, and the overwhelming majority of the no care, no matter, congressmen, senators, governors, mayors and so on just kept on politicizing. Here is how I see it. The media first of all never held anyone accountable for anything, starting with 9/11, the war in Iraq, the lies, the outing of a secret service agent, the torture, abu ghraib, Guantanamo, Katrina, so on and so forth, they only joined the band wagon when certain information appeared on the internet or if there were any high profile leaks. In general they never dug into these crimes as their professions had mandated that they did in the past, the media lacked any real professional old style go get them journalism as in the past when reporters really got into the thick of it and came to the forefront to reveal to the public the secrecy and the crimes that may have been perpetrated by the government on the public, after all that's our only tool that we the people have at our disposal to keep us informed. The Bush/Cheney gang wasn't going to say shit about anything, they just did whatever they wanted to do and the media remained apathetic. The republican majority of civilians didn't give a dam either, just as long as gays weren't afforded marriage and and they could fly their confederate flags they could care less, it sort of seemed like everyone including the Democrats in office were afraid to confront the obvious crimes committed on the people by the Bush/Cheney madness. Most house democrats supported the majority of these enactments, that included torture and the losing of many of our constitutional civil rights in the name of Home Land Security. They too are apathetic, long as they had their jobs and benefits they did nothing to even slow down the gang of mad dogs running the government. They didn't even have the nerve to stop funding the Bush/Cheney habit even when they had the numbers to do so, and the public backing, they were scared shit and showed their usual backbone without any embarrassment, why would they be embarrassed they have bared it so many times during the past eight years, they were the most apathetic creatures of any of us. Yes they the Dems, they unlike you and I, they had some power and authority to put at least a partial end the the gangs activities but at the end of the day apathy won over again. Americans that voted in this past election numbered 122,842,626*(estimated). The number of Americans that are of voting age in this country is 231,229,580*. So do the math and see why I say Americans sow what they reap and are apathetic. There were 108,386,954 American citizens that were no show's. Who knows maybe if they would have done their civic duty and exercised their precious right and freedom to vote, unqualified people like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reed wouldn't be leading the party in the houses, but special mentions to Senators Mitch McConnell, Bob Corker, and the prostitute loving David Vitter, would not be on the senate floor spewing bald face lies about the hard working blue collar workers who they blame for the near collapse of the big 3 automakers. Listening to what each of them had to say was not only delusional but very disgusting. Just as disgusting as they actually appear to be in real life, real pieces of work these three, that if they ever had to work just one forty hour work week, 5 days a week on an assembly line, they would not be able to survive. They are so out of touch with the American worker and the middle class that it is stunning that these dumb asses actually get elected into office. They only want to bust the union at any cost, even if it's some million or more American workers and the futures of their children, and they don't care about the consequences of their actions as long as they can bust the unions and hurt the middle class it's mission accomplished for these corporate lowlife scavengers. Americans need to be outraged by the blight envisioned for the middle class all in the name of greed. I didn't see these three republican senators trying to say how much money that the white collar workers that they just bailed out for 700 billion dollars should make, nope its just the middle and lower middle class and poor blue collar workers that they want to eviscerate. Sure I say to my fellow Americans. please stop with the apathy. Call your local representatives, we need to advance the middle class, don't stand by the sidelines and do nothing while these jerks take your hard earned taxes and hand out corporate welfare by the billions. We need to go against the idealogue that strides to divide us with petty issues. We need to fight at every turn. This is going to be a struggle for our very existence. Get into the frame of mind that will encourage you to stand behind the issues that in your heart you know without question are morally sound.


Suzan December 18, 2008 at 3:10 PM  

The media aren't actually apathetic. They are owned outright by the Cheneyites/Murdererochers, thus Dick's ability to go on Tim Russert's show so long ago and lie at will without being questioned further. And he was back at this joyous task just the other day on the Morning Shows which only appeared in full flower after the stations were bought by those who benefitted from no real news coverage.

The fix has been in for so long that some continue to believe that it's just incompetence instead of outright self-aggrandizement and money changing hands.

I believe Ted Turner said after he sold CNN and lost control of the content that if he had known how it would be castrated and used by the right-wingers that he wouldn't have - that no amount of money was worth that. But I'm just paraphrasing here.

The books on how the media was euthanized are still to be published, although some in blogtopia are working on it full tilt. I've seen a few articles already.

Thanks for your thoughts!


Joseph M. Fasciana December 19, 2008 at 3:17 AM  

I believe your comments are accurate, I just have a hard time going along with all of it as everyone else seems to do. You and I and other bloggers that recognize these truths are pretty much out on a limb. We point out lie after lie, but we have no real power to change things, and so far I really haven't seen any progressive moves on Obama's part. Great he has 2 republicans in his cabinet, he has the hate mongering right wing fundamental Evangelical lunatic Rick Warren giving the invocation to this historic election. I tell you Susan I don't think to much is going to change.



Suzan December 22, 2008 at 7:16 PM  

Ah, come on Joe.

You know the Big O is just pretending to like all those right-wingers he's selected for his staff (not to mention the very coooool fundie gay-bashing preacher who will be blessing all of us from the best podium in the country)!

- although god knows I'm waiting myself for the wraps to come off (so to speak) and start noticing some real progressives being given some power.

I should admit though that I've many times worried that the fix might be so far in (given the huge ripoffs we are currently experiencing with no pushback) that there is actually no elbow room for pretense anymore.

It does seem that we are talking only to each other and the wall, doesn't it?


Thunter December 24, 2008 at 8:01 AM  

I believe that this election changed a whole lot of things that had been true in the past. Bloggers like us were responsible for getting the message out to the public that the MSM were not talking about due to their corporate bosses. We bloggers have changed the equation. We are responsible for Obama becoming president, because we are anything but apathetic. The MSM is not, in my opinion, the main source for political news and commentary anymore. We are the "well informed citizenry" that Thomas Jefferson spoke of so long ago. It is our responsibility to continue to keep the MSM in check and to take over their jobs if needed. The American people need us, now more than ever.

I also remember Ted Turner saying that, it was really sad to me, especially since I live in Atlanta, to watch what Time Warner has done to CNN. Ted made a huge mistake by selling his network and he was right, no amount of money is worth what they have done to his great network. The only network that is more right wing is Fox News, and we all know how awful they are.

I truly believe that Barack will be a great president and he will make this country great again. Also I believe that the Republicans will pay for their mistakes for a long, long time to come.

Joseph M. Fasciana December 25, 2008 at 3:42 AM  

Dear Susan and T,

I really appreciate your optimism, and I am sorry for feeling so cynical about Americans. Today I spent hours and hours reading right wing attacks on Obama, and he hasn't done a thing yet, I reread how 9/11 was all Clinton's fault, Along with Katrina, Andrew and Ike, and how the factory floor workers and no one else is to blame for the collapse of the big 3. I swallow hard and with all the strength that I could muster to try to forget what I was just reading, suddenly the face of Alberto Gonzales pops into my mind. I try to overcome that image and then I see the shadowy hat wearing figure of Abramoff in cuffs during this famous perp walk, Duke Cunningham in tears, and as soon as he stops crying old Mr. Widestance walks out of the men's airport bathroom with toilet paper stuck on his left shoe, and echoing down the hall you can hear Scooter Libby yelling out "hey Larry, hey Senator Craig you have paper stuck on your shoe." I don't now anymore, all I do know is Bush and Cheney have been flinging shit at Americans with deadly accuracy for the last eight years, not to mention a couple of shotgun blasts to the face of an old friend Jack Whittington, and finally someone throws something back at Bush and misses (old shoes) and it took a foreigner to boot. Anyway
"It turns out now that Dick Cheney did not have a license to hunt, and coincidentally, turns out we didn't have a license to go into Iraq." --David Letterman
"Remember when the most embarrassing thing to happen to a vice-president was misspelling the word potato?" --Jimmy Kimmel

Walt January 6, 2009 at 10:14 AM  

It is a sad state of affairs when I must go to Radio Havana for news.
I have a feeling that Obama will be the last president of this outlaw government. The end is near, and it will not be without a terrible price. May God help us all.

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