Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sweet Caroline...Or Sour Grapes

Just for the record, I have nothing against Caroline Kennedy. In the arena of her personal life I know that she is an accomplished lawyer, and author. She also deserves kudos for her philanthropic endeavors which leaves no doubt to the goodness of her spirit and the hope she had over the years brought to so many fellow citizens in need. She has by choice led a very reclusive life, which has no bearing on whether she would become a good senator. It is only worth mentioning this particular bit to support the feelings that I have of her, to me she appears quite abstract.

In the realm of her politics I know what you know, and that would be what she has chosen to reveal, some very profound insight. "I am a mother" and "I am a Clinton, Kennedy, Obama, Democrat. Wow, what an astounding resume for a senator to brandish during the collapse of our economy and the entrenchment of our Armed Forces in the Afghanistan and the Iraq wars. I know that my sarcasm is not very insightful or helpful, but I know full well why and where my feelings are derived from. First, Caroline Kennedy is the daughter of JFK the ruler of Camelot, and that factor is the driving force that gives the possible appointment of her to the senate, rather then for her body of political work, an aura of entitlement rather than an appointment earned from years of hard work and party loyalty.

The media never came clean on the total failure of Caroline and Ted Kennedy to deliver the iconic senators state of Massachusetts to Obama, instead most talking heads spun this failure, claiming it was the turning point in the primary race that spurred Obama on to victory when Caroline and Ted threw their support behind Obama. Truth is Hillary Clinton dug in, she won more contests from that point right to the end. This is another item which seems to diminish the political gravitas of Caroline.

My last concern about Caroline, was in the little bit of public speaking that we have been exposed to was uninspiring, from her monotone delivery and her lack of enthusiasm and fire, the common substance that when missing usually leaves the speaker flat and emotionless, left me sitting there trying to figure out how this tyro if appointed will defend her seat.

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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Apathetic Americans Make America Pathetic

I am guessing that the last eight years of the Republican administrations destruction of America, with the help of the usual spineless Democrats seemed to be okay for everyone in this country. Well look at us now as we all stand on edge. We now have to lean on Communist red China for cash , and the Saudi monarchy for energy. Two countries that have as much use for human rights as Bush and Cheney have for the Constitution of the United States of America. As our government deregulated conglomerates and tortured the (enemy) and abased the middle class, no one really cared, and why should you, did you or a family member experience rendition, you haven't lost your home, or job? Well even though a few politicians lost their jobs this last electoral cycle, for the most part the rest of them were pretty secure, and the overwhelming majority of the no care, no matter, congressmen, senators, governors, mayors and so on just kept on politicizing. Here is how I see it. The media first of all never held anyone accountable for anything, starting with 9/11, the war in Iraq, the lies, the outing of a secret service agent, the torture, abu ghraib, Guantanamo, Katrina, so on and so forth, they only joined the band wagon when certain information appeared on the internet or if there were any high profile leaks. In general they never dug into these crimes as their professions had mandated that they did in the past, the media lacked any real professional old style go get them journalism as in the past when reporters really got into the thick of it and came to the forefront to reveal to the public the secrecy and the crimes that may have been perpetrated by the government on the public, after all that's our only tool that we the people have at our disposal to keep us informed. The Bush/Cheney gang wasn't going to say shit about anything, they just did whatever they wanted to do and the media remained apathetic. The republican majority of civilians didn't give a dam either, just as long as gays weren't afforded marriage and and they could fly their confederate flags they could care less, it sort of seemed like everyone including the Democrats in office were afraid to confront the obvious crimes committed on the people by the Bush/Cheney madness. Most house democrats supported the majority of these enactments, that included torture and the losing of many of our constitutional civil rights in the name of Home Land Security. They too are apathetic, long as they had their jobs and benefits they did nothing to even slow down the gang of mad dogs running the government. They didn't even have the nerve to stop funding the Bush/Cheney habit even when they had the numbers to do so, and the public backing, they were scared shit and showed their usual backbone without any embarrassment, why would they be embarrassed they have bared it so many times during the past eight years, they were the most apathetic creatures of any of us. Yes they the Dems, they unlike you and I, they had some power and authority to put at least a partial end the the gangs activities but at the end of the day apathy won over again. Americans that voted in this past election numbered 122,842,626*(estimated). The number of Americans that are of voting age in this country is 231,229,580*. So do the math and see why I say Americans sow what they reap and are apathetic. There were 108,386,954 American citizens that were no show's. Who knows maybe if they would have done their civic duty and exercised their precious right and freedom to vote, unqualified people like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reed wouldn't be leading the party in the houses, but special mentions to Senators Mitch McConnell, Bob Corker, and the prostitute loving David Vitter, would not be on the senate floor spewing bald face lies about the hard working blue collar workers who they blame for the near collapse of the big 3 automakers. Listening to what each of them had to say was not only delusional but very disgusting. Just as disgusting as they actually appear to be in real life, real pieces of work these three, that if they ever had to work just one forty hour work week, 5 days a week on an assembly line, they would not be able to survive. They are so out of touch with the American worker and the middle class that it is stunning that these dumb asses actually get elected into office. They only want to bust the union at any cost, even if it's some million or more American workers and the futures of their children, and they don't care about the consequences of their actions as long as they can bust the unions and hurt the middle class it's mission accomplished for these corporate lowlife scavengers. Americans need to be outraged by the blight envisioned for the middle class all in the name of greed. I didn't see these three republican senators trying to say how much money that the white collar workers that they just bailed out for 700 billion dollars should make, nope its just the middle and lower middle class and poor blue collar workers that they want to eviscerate. Sure I say to my fellow Americans. please stop with the apathy. Call your local representatives, we need to advance the middle class, don't stand by the sidelines and do nothing while these jerks take your hard earned taxes and hand out corporate welfare by the billions. We need to go against the idealogue that strides to divide us with petty issues. We need to fight at every turn. This is going to be a struggle for our very existence. Get into the frame of mind that will encourage you to stand behind the issues that in your heart you know without question are morally sound.

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Sunday, December 7, 2008

O. J. Get's Juiced

I remember the night that I bumped into Simpson and his posse as they were leaving Casey's, a popular spot in the mid 1970's located on the Elmwood strip in Buffalo, owned by the late Butch Casey and his hard working Dad who I respectfully knew only as Mr. Casey. You may have seen Butch on T.V. Those crime shows relentlessly play the tapes from his home security system, that caught the murder of his two female guests and of Butch too.

So back to O.J. as he and I made eye contact we acknowledged each other, he recognized me, I had served him a cocktail or two at Mulligans Brick Bar, a joint so notorious for its madness that everyone from celebrity to mooch frequented this place to get shitfaced and or laid. Well right at that moment of our mutual head nods I reached in my pocket and asked him for his autograph. I had promised my little nephew Nick at the time that the next time I saw him I would get it for him. Many years have past since then but what was remarkable is that the Bills organization had some kind of a reunion of sorts in May or June of 1994, by that time I had moved from Buffalo to Chicago. I had come back to visit my beloved mother, on one of the days I decided to go to one of my friends restaurant located on Main Street. When I arrived he wasn't there so I had a few shots of tequila and waited around for a while. To my surprise in walked the owner, who I came to see and his brother. We hadn't seen each other for a while and we had a few more shots and I was getting ready to shove off. I reached my limit, but they said hold on some of the Bills are coming in for dinner c'mon stick around so I did. A minute or two later in walked four of the Bills that I knew from back in the day and then in walks Simpson. We all talked, took some group photo's and then I said my goodbyes and left. A month or so later I believe O.J. killed his wife Nicole and her friend Ron. It was a bitter pill to swallow, not only most importantly did two people lose their lives, and the loss to both families was and still is incomprehensible, the whole city of Buffalo was dealt a familiar smash in the face.

I saw O.J. on the news and he was pitiful, as he uttered "In no way did I mean to hurt anybody, to steal anything from anyone," Simpson said, his voice cracking. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry for all of it. "Friday's verdicts came 13 years to the day after a Los Angeles jury acquitted Simpson of killing, Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman. The way Simpson acted after the murder trial was pretty sickening even if he was really innocent, mocking Nicole's death, making stabbing motions, and the "If I Really Did It" crap, the list goes on. The contempt that he has shown publicly to the Brown and Goldman families has been hideous in nature. In the end his pomposity and his belief that he was untouchable because of his celebrity, finally caught up with him. Simpson was so sure that he was above the law, and beyond reproach, that his ego maniacal rational over came what little logic he may have possessed and that foolishness steered him clear of a plea bargain deal that he was offered. A deal that if taken would have left him with less time to serve. I must admit I am elated with his choice.

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