Saturday, November 29, 2008

Why Did This Happen?

"In my administration," Bush told voters in Pittsburgh in October 2000, "we will ask not only what is legal but what is right, not what the lawyers allow but what the public deserves." What happened to Bush that made him denounce his own paradigms? Was he so weak minded that he was easily influenced to go against his own moral values, or was he born an amoral person? His actions clearly demonstrate that he had no reasonable understanding of what he had uttered in October of 2000. The questions about this man are not fostered from any enigmatic or profound unexplained complexities of how he processed information. They rose instead from the traits he readily exuded and paraded around like the beautiful fanning feathers of a proud peacock. The problem was, what he was strutting out for all the world to see was the ugliness of his hubris, and his lack of common manners. He was a poor example of American etiquette and his behavior was proof for anyone to see. He drove the stakes of morality by his administration into thin air instead of the terra firma of mother earth. As his second term of incompetence began, the hardships and burdens being foisted upon the poor and the middle class continued to take it's vile and shameful toll.

For Bush, his administration and their cronies it's been a solid eight years of breaking or bending the laws of our land, including the Constitution. They have ravaged America and the majority of it's populace. The largest redistribution of money from the middle class to the rich has taken place in all of modern history during his watch. They after eight years are leaving our country in shambles. They took so much that they were very close to destroying their own political party. It isn't the money that Bush, Cheney and his administration stole that is problematic. It is the arms and legs, that they took, it is the lives of the Americans made to go on combat tour after combat tour without proper breaks and proper equipment, it's all the collateral damage to the tens of thousands of men women and children, its to all the families that they destroyed, all the American good will that they vanquished. In the end, Bush and Cheney's greed and need for power took precedent over life and limb.


Sofia November 30, 2008 at 6:17 AM  

Well, I can confidently say that I totally agree with you! That such things could happen in the country that is supposedly the epitome of the democratic ideal, where all citizens have a written constitutional right to dismiss their government, is truly shocking. I think that there has been a kind of fatalism among the American electorate - the idea that yes it shouldn't be happening this way, but what can anyone do? Nothing, because "they" have got it all sewn up.

There are good reasons for this. The ruling class controls all the instruments of power, and the media, and they can use spin, and they are not afraid to tell lies to further their cause. And not only is it considered somehow unpatriotic to organize workplace unions, but those who would join them have been hypnotised into seeing such organisations as worthy only of ridicule.

In the UK, we were persuaded to send our boys and girls to Iraq to be killed alongside those of the USA, by the WMD lie. Even though we all knew it was probably about oil, we didn't believe it would do any good if we started saying we could see right through the lie. Many people at the time went so far as to think that to protest about it might lead to being visited by the FBI, and this in spite of the fact that the FBI is the secret police of a foreign nation state. Laugh at that idea if you will, only don't forget that George Orwell's vision was set in England.

Many who were around at the time of Tony Blair's rise to power in 1997, who had lived through years of Thatcherism, believed that finally a new dawn of compassionate social justice had finally arrived. But all we got was spin.

Do you think that the election of Obama is a ray of hope? Or is it to be yet another false dawn? We wait to see.

Joseph M. Fasciana November 30, 2008 at 9:50 PM  

Dear Sofia,

I hope that you will correct my evaluation of your countries political system, as I must readily admit I wish I was more informed about it before I try to respond to you.

I never really thought that Thatcher presented many problems in the way of terrible governance or scandals, I just thought her politics to be slightly right of center and that she plodded along methodically during her terms. When Blair hooked up with Bush I thought Oh my god this will be great, as I recall seeing Blair's quick reaction during parliamentary procedures on broadcasts from the BBC, I thought maybe this leader with all his intellect could show Bush the err of his ways, boy was I not only surprised but wrong, not just about Blair's intellect but that I had not realized his radical right wing views. I was shocked to see him follow the most irrational man that ever ruled a country into a chasm of lies and doom. (The Downing Street Memo's) I mean at least your people punished Blair for his tomfoolery and incompetence. Here in on the other side of the pond the fools that are hung up on right wing christian fundamental ideology loved Bush and rewarded him with another term, in spite of the hardships he cast upon them, and that by this time his constant state of denials became obvious he was permeated in wrong doings.

Sorry I really got of point here but as far as Obama goes, he has inherited a mess, there is nothing that this present US administration hasn't tarnished, nothing, Bush and Gonzales ruined the Dept. of Justice, the EPA is gone to hell, our economy is teetering, we owe China our grandchild's children money. We are all pretty much pigs in the US using fossil fuel as if it was our privilege to waste it instead of conserving. (I bought a hybrid 4 1/2 years ago) I do wish Obama will make a call to arms to all Americans so that as you said maybe just maybe that ray of hope can in a few years turn into a beacon, and then hopefully in the not to far future will appear a floodlight for all humanity.

I know that I am a bit left of center in my political thinking. But I still think that my former party the Democrats, (I am now a registered Independent)remain as spineless as they have always been, they never challenged the out right criminal acts and the obvious disrespect to our Constitution. They by doing nothing at all about Bush's actions I feel makes them just as complicate to some degree.



PS: Dear Sofia, if you ever want to wax political on my blog just say the word. I would love to get political viewpoints and problems from the UK brought to light on this blog. Vilerichard as you might see listed as a contributor is from Canada and he has the keys and he will from time to time post on his countries viewpoints, I am also going to know in a few days or so if Don Kettl the president of the University of Pennsylvania's Fels Insitute of Government will be making guest blogs. If you google his name you can see all the books he wrote and his other accomplishments. No pressure Sofia, just a thought as I have enjoyed your writing.

Sofia December 2, 2008 at 11:53 AM  

Asking me to write about political matters is a bit like asking an alcoholic to have just one little drink. Who knows what the consequences might be? But thanks anyway, and I'll try.

Joseph M. Fasciana December 2, 2008 at 1:20 PM  

Dear Sofia,

I am so very delighted that you may try, look i really mean this I am very happy to hear this response from you. Just keep in mind what I said to you before, there is never going to be any type of expectations that you will have to meet to satisfy me. I really meant it when I said no pressure and its whenever you want to, totally unconditional. Let me know if you would like me to give you access to my dashboard so that you can do your thing whenever you want. Do you have skype?



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