Friday, November 7, 2008

A Well Deserved Victory

Good morning to all. I did not want to begin this post with any ill will, but how it may end I can't say for sure. What I am sure about is, this will be a historic event of epic proportions, when Barack Obama is sworn into office this coming January. The election of Obama to the highest office of this country will be seen not only as racial barrier breaking sea change, but it also radiates through out the world that we are a true democracy. This election was not only decisive I believe it left Obama with a clear mandate to govern just a little left of center without much room to go to far to the left, especially if he wants to unite this nation. If he chooses to govern as Bush did, saying he was going to bring us together then instead Bush stopped governing and started simply to rule over anything that stood in his way and if it wasn't far right it was not going to happen. He shut over half of America out for eight years.

I can't imagine how proud that the African American community is. It must be especially poignant for those black and white Americans who fought and suffered through the civil rights movement leaving many killed or severely injured. Let us not forget the black men, women and children that suffered segregation and humiliation at the hands of the unjust laws that violated the civil rights of our fellow human beings, these laws where not only abusive but degrading to any human being, and they were meant to be shouldered only by certain individuals of our society because of the color of their skin, and for no other reason. That is why men and women like Dr. King and those before him going back to Harriet Tubman did what they did. It will be ninety six years after the death of Harriet Tubman that Americans can finally reap what she had sown. I hope that this event will help ease some of the racial tensions that will sadly always seem to exist in our great country, but it is what can be hailed as a good start towards equality.

Another reason why my hat is of to Obama, he not only had to overcome the racial prejudices which are still prevalent in American society, he also had to overcome his own name, then he had to defeat the Clinton machine, and Hillary was tough as nails no doubt about it, she gave him a run for his money. Then there was all this, be afraid of Obama, the GOP warned us. Be afraid of something new, something different. He would meet with our enemies. His middle name is Hussein. He "pals around with terrorists," consorts with the radicals at Acorn (which is "destroying the fabric of democracy"), and doesn't see America "like you and I see America." A vote for Obama would be "dangerous" and "too risky for America." Obama is a socialist he want's to take your money and spread it around, he's a communist, he's a Muslim terrorist sympathizer the GOP shouted. I mean a lot of people believe all this crap. It's like, did they forget that we have a Department of Homeland Security, did they forget that the Bush and Chenney oligarchy were taping Americans phone conversations, I mean how dumb can someone be to think that with the FBI, CIA, Special OPS, and all the other government agencies invading our privacy, don't you think they would have stopped a commie or a socialist or a terrorist from running for any office let alone the presidency, well I knew I couldn't stay totally positive, because when I think of how the right wing can't figure that out for themselves it just boggles what little is left between my ears. They just believe in the Rovian politics of fear and "amen".

Well anyway it didn't work this time and more people smartened up. Frankly the GOP ran a pretty insulting campaign, they never mentioned any solutions or plans to solve any kitchen table problems. They just kept warning us and trying to instill fear. Even the intellectual republicans that were embarrassed enough went on record to support Obama and give their assessments of Sarah Palin. In the end the man against all odds simply won in a landslide. He won because he does have an intellect that people think might be useful in these tough times. Most of all Obama won because he was disciplined stayed on message had a ground game that no other campaign has ever come up against, and that changed the electoral college map that actually turned
Virginia, Indiana, Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, Colorado, New Mexico, and Nevada all red states into blue states. The future in American politics belongs to the party that can win a more racially diverse, better educated, more metropolitan electorate. I think right now the Democrats get it and so does Obama.


stephen November 8, 2008 at 8:47 AM  

This is my first visit to your blog,really it's a well deserved victory.We are very much pleased to have a president like Obama the young guy going to make a massive difference for the nation.Lets hope for the best...
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MAYA November 8, 2008 at 3:55 PM  

Thank you so much for your visit,
Your blog is just fantastic.
Please keep it up....

I'm really glad that he won too.
This will help much for the Unity of this planet;-)

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