Monday, November 10, 2008

Purely Opinion

Now the election is over, but I don't think that from what I'm hearing from Fox news, and pundits like Bill O, Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Beck, Coulter, and others that there will ever be anything that will lessen the divide that is etched upon the land of our people. So I guess you read the first sentence of my post and by now your saying there goes Joseph again, his party won the election and he is still complaining. Well if that is what you are thinking you are partially correct in coming to that assumption, because when it comes to politics I am never really content with the status quo, no matter what party is in power at any particular time in my life. I really want you to know why I'm coming at you this way, and it's simple. I am being influenced by the words of the people that I mentioned in my opening sentence. If you are of the right wing persuasion no doubt you have heard them yourself, if you are from the left I will tell you that it is not worth the time it takes to report their quotes. I'll just paint a broad picture of all their comments in combination to give you the feel of their underpinnings. They are all indicating in one way or another of the impending doom that the commie socialist Obama will throw down on our country. The point is Obama, has not been sworn into office yet, and they are already on alert and ramping themselves and their flocks of loyal followers up, so that by the time he does get sworn in, they will (right wing)be ready for an all out "ambush". So now that we are talking about Bush, what about those last eight years of compassionate conservatism. Most people have suffered as a result of this administrations interpretation of compassionate conservatism. Yet certain people of the conservative movement are all upset because they have lost the bully pulpit, a tool that they used most effectively to override sense and sensibility. It would be hard for me to believe that every conservative is upset about this presidential election, in my heart of hearts I believe many are upset with their party for sure, they lost many house seats in the process. But why be upset now? That is the question I mean they had 8 years to demonstrate to the world and the dirty anti-American liberals how superior conservatism is and how pro American it is.

If I were of the right wing persuasion I definitely would have been disgusted with the outcome of this administration on every level. If the left wing was in power and committed the same crimes and neglected this countries needs, and broke constitutional law, I know I would be feeling the same way absolutely bewildered, even more so because they are in my party, and to tell you the truth I still feel that the democrats displayed their usual amount of spinelessness by not fighting back on certain issues. Well although I may seem biased, if the new administration doesn't do all that is possible to correct the situation that the good old US of A is in and to help the citizenry on all levels I will pound them on this blog just the same, probably even more. So to put this in perspective, from what I have studied about conservatism, I saw absolutely none of its dogma's enacted, except for maybe, yes they did cut taxes for the 5% of the wealthiest of Americans and they did dole out trillions in no bid contracts to their cronies, and billions in tax incentives for corporate America, as a matter of fact they did more than I thought they did. The government has grown twofold. They even have two wars going on and manage to neglect the veterans that have repeatedly fought in them. I wonder what's wrong with me how could I forget all of that compassion. I really thought that letting the poor citizens in New Orleans and Mississippi drown in real time on TV while Anderson Cooper was reporting the news that Bush knew nothing about as Rice was out shopping for shoes, yeah that was pretty compassionate too.

On the positive side I have received some surprise emails from a few people around the world. They expressed a general theme of, glad to see Obama win, he will do much to unite the world. I can't say that I agree with them wholeheartedly about the uniting the world stuff, but I just hope an Obama administration restores some of all the good will that was squandered by King George and Prince Dick.


Anonymous,  December 16, 2008 at 9:43 PM  

I enjoy reading your editorials and opinions. You have a unique style.

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