Friday, October 3, 2008

Palin and Biden Debate Dog-gone-it!

After the VP debate most of my gut feelings about Palin and Biden were confirmed, but I went on the Huffingpost to read Arianna Huffington's post blog analysis. She was in attendance at all women high profile gathering at the Four Seasons in Aviara, CA. The Fortune's Most Powerful Women Summit hosted by ExxonMobil, they had over a couple of hundred attendees of mixed ideology. According to Arianna the response by the women there was not very good. So I did respond to her blog with the following comment.

Dear Arianna,

On my own blog I have held back from criticizing Palin even with the revelations of her interviews with Gibson and Couric, to back me up, just so I would not be accused of sexism. I am hoping that in one of your future blogs that you would take the time to explain just what it is that makes female republican pundits, politicians and newswomen defend Palin. How is it that they are not embarrassed by her lack of common knowledge and her Bushianic mannerisms. I think that Palins' performance tonight and the description of your event tonight among women voters has enabled me to express my views without concerns of sexism. Thanks for your insight.



Well here is my take on McCains choice for VP. I think she is on the same plain as George Bush.
Now you must realize that this woman has excited the republican party, that she has galvanized the religious right wing, and has given hope to her ticket and that she is being defended by many high profile and long respected neo-cons. I just need to know how these people let idealism trump what they are actually hearing from Palins mouth. When I watch and listen to the nonsense that she speaks makes me want to think that this cannot be happening. I mean doesn't this really show the mentality of the people on the right that are supporting and defending her political chops. They did the same for Bush for seven years so I guess that I should not act so surprised. I mean the republican party is in the state of denial that is the only way any rational person would be able to accept what they are being handed.


Inside my mind October 7, 2008 at 8:34 AM  

After watching Palin's interveiw with Katie Couric on CNN I felt like she was the most inexperienced and that I would rather have Tyra Banks as VP. ANYONE but her I thought. LOL

I am just hoping that Obama isnt full of crap and means what he says. I want change in this country and I am hoping he can do it.

I watched some of the debate between Biden and Palin at the airport and frankly I was surpised that Palin was able to stand her ground. I was wondering if they made Palin out to look like a dumbass as strategy so they wouldnt expect her to be prepared for the debate. But I thought Biden did well too.

HAHA I laughed when Palin said" Obama and Obiden...."

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