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Christina Applegate & Oprah

I was channel surfing last night and as I was clicking away at the remote as if it were a dollar bill dispenser I saw Oprah introducing her featured guest Christina Applegate. Knowing that she has been fighting breast cancer I stayed tuned in to see how she was feeling. I was glad that I made the decision to watch the program.
It really enlightened me to some of the hard realities that women have to face on a daily basis, and it was touching to hear Christina talk about her battle and her choice to have both breast removed.

I was riveted by her positive attitude and her frankness to bare herself emotionally in front of a live audience and millions of viewers. The statistics that were spoken about were staggering, I believe they said that every 20 minutes 5 women are diagnosed with breast cancer and that about 40,000 women per year lose the battle. Well the reason that I decided to write about this on my blog which is mostly political, is that I also learned from the Christina and Oprah back and forth that the reason Christina decided to have both breast removed is that although removing the one breast would have put her on the road to recovery, she tested positive the breast cancer gene. Another thing that I learned from the show was that a mammogram does not always show if there is cancer present due to the density of a woman's breast, and after a mammogram a women should inquire about the density of her breast so that if she has density, the other option to make sure she is cancer free is an MRI.

How is this political you may ask? Well the insurance companies won't pay for an MRI for women and they also won't pay to find out if a woman is carrying the breast cancer gene. Now this no doubt is legal but immoral because of the Millions of dollars that the insurance lobbyist are paying to both parties. This is something that you can do something about. If you have the time to read this blog, don't waste any time, call or write or email your senators and congresspersons, repeatedly and get your friends involved, this is a horrible injustice, because it forces women who are not rich to not be able to take all the appropriate measures to put prevention on their side. I implore you to demand, that congress and the senate address the insurance industry to solve this situation, and that it should be mandated that greedy over paid insurance companies give all women an equal chance to prevent this traumatic disease, by covering these types of life saving tests. Please don't be afraid to come down on your elected representatives, tell them up front to stop taking money from the insurance lobbyist and if they continue to do so you wont vote for them, look after all they work for you and they should represent your interests not the interest of giant insurance conglomerates. To all the special guest on that show thanks for this information.


Inside my mind October 7, 2008 at 7:33 AM  

My Grandma Had Breast Cancer and it was a very difficult journey but she made it out okay. She did end up losing one of her breasts. Cristina is a strong woman too for surviving that and then being able to talk about it.

Thank you for commenting on my blog. Your right negative people who wish to destroy my self-esteem because theirs sucks are people I dont need in my life. I am trying to feel "sorry" for people like that because I know it must just be an outward projection of what they feel inside.

I dont know about you but I dont go around telling people what they need to change about their appearance. I tend to think I have tact and kindness and consideration. I dont think I or anyone else has the right to tear a person down about themselves. Perhaps that means I am more okay with myself then I realize.

Take care and feel free to stop by my blog anytime

Suzan October 16, 2008 at 12:36 AM  

What a nice blog you have! I've really enjoyed your essay on the breast cancer insurance problems. I also think Christina Applegate is a very special woman.

Thanks for the comments on mine.

Unfortunately, I can't respond on the blog because my computer is doing something odd tonight (must have caught a virus from the debate) and won't load those pages.

I will respond as soon as I can.

Once again, thanks for the comments and carry on!


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