Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Will the Real John MCain please stand up, please stand up!

I believe that now is the time for Obama to incorporate possible solutions to the every day concerns facing the average voter when responding to smears from John McCain. Obama's rebuttals should be short and concise followed by words describing the encouragement and support that will come to Americans via his administrations policies. Win or lose this race has brought to light the real men behind the names. I really am dismayed to see the kind person that politics has turned John McCain into, how sad it is to hear in large part that what he speaks just does not reflect what is on the record in terms of his votes and his legislative acts. McCain has consistently voted to deregulate, he has had a career of anti regulatory votes, and all any person that is interested in the truth has to do is to not take my word for it but just take the time and check out his voting record for themselves. His battle against regulations span everything from the mortgage industry to banking and energy just to name a few. Now he claims to be the great "regulator" who will get all the corporate crooks and all the fraudulent law breakers. Well I am just getting over the blight of the "decider" what makes the the neo-cons think that I am ready for the "regulator". Please, please just spare me. I don't know why the media and the Obama camp have given the "regulator" a pass, they should just publish what he has done and let the record speak for itself it will clearly show all his contributions leading to the sorry state of our economy. I'm paraphrasing Romney's speech from the republican convention but he said loud and clear that when McCain gets elected president, that "John would unleash a weed whacker on government regulation." Although both men have stretched the truth about each others misdeeds, there are public records that are irrefutable, so why don't you do yourself a favor and see for yourself who's kidding who. McCain has outdistanced Obama when it comes to inaccuracy in campaign advertising by a long shot. Here are few quick examples:
Candidates' Voting Record On Issues Related To Children's Health Care

-- State Children's Health Insurance Program (S-CHIP) Reauth. (8/2007): McCain - No; Obama - Yes
-- Teen Pregnancy Education Amendment (2006): McCain - No; Obama - Yes
-- Hurricane Health Care Amendment, to provide emergency health care for survivors of Katrina (2005): McCain - No; Obama - Yes


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