Saturday, September 27, 2008

Just Do It!

If there was ever a time that you thought you should make a promise to help your country and to help your fellow Americans this is it. The history of events starting on the tragic morning of 9/11/03 to the brink of the near collapse of our economy on or near the days ahead should shake every American out of their false sense of security or that sand castle that they are living in located in the sky, and bring them down to earth. Feet first, head first any position that it takes to snap us back to the reality that awaits us when we finally open our eyes and see what has happened here in America, see what is happening right now, and what we Americans will have in store for us in the not to distant future.

Now let me remind you that a good portion of us have made that fall and it has awakened us. Starting first with the families of the fallen and injured as a result of 9/11. That in turn led to the brave service men and women that made the ultimate sacrifice in Afghanistan and Iraq and continue to do so as they are given combat tours one after the other should they survive, and lets not forget how hard that their families landed when that reality sank in. Let me remind all Americans that may be reading this blog about the the tens of thousands of citizens that had their jobs outsourced during the past eight years, not to mention the tens of thousands of hard working Americans that lost their life savings and pensions by the likes of the Ken Lay's of Enron and others, they too are aware. Now that brings us to Katrina, what can I say when the world saw for themselves the disgrace of letting our own just die. The video evidence was irrefutable as the bodies of Americans floated behind or beside Anderson Cooper in scene after scene on CNN. Those people that were left behind by the worlds richest nation still have no homes and are still displaced and still have missing family members and this is over 3 years ago, so I guess the next group of people that will get a dose of reality from this administration will be the victims of Ike.

My interest is to show all Americana that much of the pain and suffering could have been managed in a way that may have impacted our citizens in a less traumatic way. My intent is to point out the total incompetence that not only ruled over but destroyed many of our lives. The majority of people that these natural disasters and man made pitfalls or the wars didn't touch are the ones I would like to waken. Please wake up and register to vote. Now I know I didn't mention many of the other scandals and disasters that struck America, and its great American citizens on this blog, the reason, is because then this would not be a blog, it would be a book. I just hope that you register and vote, even if you don't agree with my politics. I hold the people that were in charge of our country at the time these things happened to be mostly responsible for bringing America to its lowest point in my lifetime. If this simplistic outline and its consequences don't make you think its time for change, then I guess you will have to walk in the shoes of the people that have been exposed to this inhumane suffering and total lack of accountability. Please Vote.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Will the Real John MCain please stand up, please stand up!

I believe that now is the time for Obama to incorporate possible solutions to the every day concerns facing the average voter when responding to smears from John McCain. Obama's rebuttals should be short and concise followed by words describing the encouragement and support that will come to Americans via his administrations policies. Win or lose this race has brought to light the real men behind the names. I really am dismayed to see the kind person that politics has turned John McCain into, how sad it is to hear in large part that what he speaks just does not reflect what is on the record in terms of his votes and his legislative acts. McCain has consistently voted to deregulate, he has had a career of anti regulatory votes, and all any person that is interested in the truth has to do is to not take my word for it but just take the time and check out his voting record for themselves. His battle against regulations span everything from the mortgage industry to banking and energy just to name a few. Now he claims to be the great "regulator" who will get all the corporate crooks and all the fraudulent law breakers. Well I am just getting over the blight of the "decider" what makes the the neo-cons think that I am ready for the "regulator". Please, please just spare me. I don't know why the media and the Obama camp have given the "regulator" a pass, they should just publish what he has done and let the record speak for itself it will clearly show all his contributions leading to the sorry state of our economy. I'm paraphrasing Romney's speech from the republican convention but he said loud and clear that when McCain gets elected president, that "John would unleash a weed whacker on government regulation." Although both men have stretched the truth about each others misdeeds, there are public records that are irrefutable, so why don't you do yourself a favor and see for yourself who's kidding who. McCain has outdistanced Obama when it comes to inaccuracy in campaign advertising by a long shot. Here are few quick examples:
Candidates' Voting Record On Issues Related To Children's Health Care

-- State Children's Health Insurance Program (S-CHIP) Reauth. (8/2007): McCain - No; Obama - Yes
-- Teen Pregnancy Education Amendment (2006): McCain - No; Obama - Yes
-- Hurricane Health Care Amendment, to provide emergency health care for survivors of Katrina (2005): McCain - No; Obama - Yes

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Country First ???

We as civilized human beings are supposedly learning to evolve in a positive manner. One of the most common methods at our disposal that should aid us in this quest to attain civility, I would think would be history, and I think we can all agree on this idea. But In spite of the most obvious outcome of every single modern day war in regards to the treatment of veterans, this country has problematically failed miserably to uphold the moral obligations that it owes to its combat veterans of every war in every era. This statement sadly is not rhetoric and it has been documented not only accurately, but experienced by the majority of vets that needed help then and now, and I don't mean to cast aspersions on the VA hospitals because the Md's and RN's and all of the staff are hard working and loyal, they just happen to be under staffed and under funded and continually over flowing, and to knowingly let there be homeless and jobless vets out there is just not only heartbreaking, its a sin committed by this administration every day.

I just want to share a brief bit of my personal history in regards to how past administrations have treated combat vets, and before I go any further I believe that no matter what your politics the Bush & Cheney administration by far has been the most disrespectful, odious and malignant human beings to have ever been in command of anything let alone the precious gift of life given to us by our Creator, and if your agnostic you still have to believe that life is indeed precious. My father and four of his brothers now all deceased all fought in WWII, and all they got for their blood sweat and tears were shrapnel and bullet wounds, malaria and shell shock, that's what they called ptsd syndrome back then. I am Joseph and I served in Vietnam along with two of my fathers brothers sons, my cousin Joe and my cousin Andy. The only thing I can remember getting from my government was an additional $65 dollars per month added to my paycheck for combat pay, but in general we got about the same thing our dads got and about the same thing our brothers got who by the way never get mentioned but suffered just the same in the Korean War.

This is one of the reasons that it is hard for me to say with conviction "country first" when the chicken hawks that run this country continue at all costs sending our brave children into the meat grinder of the military industrial complex, not just once but over and over again until they either die or break down, and by the way we were all forewarned about this by a great republican in the 50's president Dwight D. Eisenhower, but to no avail they are sent repeatedly, without regard for their families or their futures, this administration has used human beings like fodder to feed their greed and ambitions. Those are the men that drape an American Flag around themselves and cry support the troops, but refuse to sign a comprehensive GI bill, the same men who sent our sons & daughters, husbands and wives and even our grandfathers to war and not even give them the proper equipment to defend themselves, did you ever think in your life time that you would see a president of these United States of America make a mother or wife or other family relative go to a surplus store to buy their loved ones a bullet proof vest to send to them while they were already in a war zone or send Americans to war without the proper armor and armored vehicles. Did you ever think you would see a president that would mandate that after you went to war and served your time, that you would be back door drafted back into service. When the Bush and Cheney's of the world say "Americans & America First" then may I subscribe to the baseless republican slogan of "Country First"? just one of many slogans that we have had to hear in the past 7 years. I don't think so because republican leaders will never say Americans and America First. Finally for the life of me I still don't understand why of all men John McCain did not support the new GI bill sent to the floor by Senator Jim Webb ???

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