Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sweet Caroline...Or Sour Grapes

Just for the record, I have nothing against Caroline Kennedy. In the arena of her personal life I know that she is an accomplished lawyer, and author. She also deserves kudos for her philanthropic endeavors which leaves no doubt to the goodness of her spirit and the hope she had over the years brought to so many fellow citizens in need. She has by choice led a very reclusive life, which has no bearing on whether she would become a good senator. It is only worth mentioning this particular bit to support the feelings that I have of her, to me she appears quite abstract.

In the realm of her politics I know what you know, and that would be what she has chosen to reveal, some very profound insight. "I am a mother" and "I am a Clinton, Kennedy, Obama, Democrat. Wow, what an astounding resume for a senator to brandish during the collapse of our economy and the entrenchment of our Armed Forces in the Afghanistan and the Iraq wars. I know that my sarcasm is not very insightful or helpful, but I know full well why and where my feelings are derived from. First, Caroline Kennedy is the daughter of JFK the ruler of Camelot, and that factor is the driving force that gives the possible appointment of her to the senate, rather then for her body of political work, an aura of entitlement rather than an appointment earned from years of hard work and party loyalty.

The media never came clean on the total failure of Caroline and Ted Kennedy to deliver the iconic senators state of Massachusetts to Obama, instead most talking heads spun this failure, claiming it was the turning point in the primary race that spurred Obama on to victory when Caroline and Ted threw their support behind Obama. Truth is Hillary Clinton dug in, she won more contests from that point right to the end. This is another item which seems to diminish the political gravitas of Caroline.

My last concern about Caroline, was in the little bit of public speaking that we have been exposed to was uninspiring, from her monotone delivery and her lack of enthusiasm and fire, the common substance that when missing usually leaves the speaker flat and emotionless, left me sitting there trying to figure out how this tyro if appointed will defend her seat.

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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Apathetic Americans Make America Pathetic

I am guessing that the last eight years of the Republican administrations destruction of America, with the help of the usual spineless Democrats seemed to be okay for everyone in this country. Well look at us now as we all stand on edge. We now have to lean on Communist red China for cash , and the Saudi monarchy for energy. Two countries that have as much use for human rights as Bush and Cheney have for the Constitution of the United States of America. As our government deregulated conglomerates and tortured the (enemy) and abased the middle class, no one really cared, and why should you, did you or a family member experience rendition, you haven't lost your home, or job? Well even though a few politicians lost their jobs this last electoral cycle, for the most part the rest of them were pretty secure, and the overwhelming majority of the no care, no matter, congressmen, senators, governors, mayors and so on just kept on politicizing. Here is how I see it. The media first of all never held anyone accountable for anything, starting with 9/11, the war in Iraq, the lies, the outing of a secret service agent, the torture, abu ghraib, Guantanamo, Katrina, so on and so forth, they only joined the band wagon when certain information appeared on the internet or if there were any high profile leaks. In general they never dug into these crimes as their professions had mandated that they did in the past, the media lacked any real professional old style go get them journalism as in the past when reporters really got into the thick of it and came to the forefront to reveal to the public the secrecy and the crimes that may have been perpetrated by the government on the public, after all that's our only tool that we the people have at our disposal to keep us informed. The Bush/Cheney gang wasn't going to say shit about anything, they just did whatever they wanted to do and the media remained apathetic. The republican majority of civilians didn't give a dam either, just as long as gays weren't afforded marriage and and they could fly their confederate flags they could care less, it sort of seemed like everyone including the Democrats in office were afraid to confront the obvious crimes committed on the people by the Bush/Cheney madness. Most house democrats supported the majority of these enactments, that included torture and the losing of many of our constitutional civil rights in the name of Home Land Security. They too are apathetic, long as they had their jobs and benefits they did nothing to even slow down the gang of mad dogs running the government. They didn't even have the nerve to stop funding the Bush/Cheney habit even when they had the numbers to do so, and the public backing, they were scared shit and showed their usual backbone without any embarrassment, why would they be embarrassed they have bared it so many times during the past eight years, they were the most apathetic creatures of any of us. Yes they the Dems, they unlike you and I, they had some power and authority to put at least a partial end the the gangs activities but at the end of the day apathy won over again. Americans that voted in this past election numbered 122,842,626*(estimated). The number of Americans that are of voting age in this country is 231,229,580*. So do the math and see why I say Americans sow what they reap and are apathetic. There were 108,386,954 American citizens that were no show's. Who knows maybe if they would have done their civic duty and exercised their precious right and freedom to vote, unqualified people like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reed wouldn't be leading the party in the houses, but special mentions to Senators Mitch McConnell, Bob Corker, and the prostitute loving David Vitter, would not be on the senate floor spewing bald face lies about the hard working blue collar workers who they blame for the near collapse of the big 3 automakers. Listening to what each of them had to say was not only delusional but very disgusting. Just as disgusting as they actually appear to be in real life, real pieces of work these three, that if they ever had to work just one forty hour work week, 5 days a week on an assembly line, they would not be able to survive. They are so out of touch with the American worker and the middle class that it is stunning that these dumb asses actually get elected into office. They only want to bust the union at any cost, even if it's some million or more American workers and the futures of their children, and they don't care about the consequences of their actions as long as they can bust the unions and hurt the middle class it's mission accomplished for these corporate lowlife scavengers. Americans need to be outraged by the blight envisioned for the middle class all in the name of greed. I didn't see these three republican senators trying to say how much money that the white collar workers that they just bailed out for 700 billion dollars should make, nope its just the middle and lower middle class and poor blue collar workers that they want to eviscerate. Sure I say to my fellow Americans. please stop with the apathy. Call your local representatives, we need to advance the middle class, don't stand by the sidelines and do nothing while these jerks take your hard earned taxes and hand out corporate welfare by the billions. We need to go against the idealogue that strides to divide us with petty issues. We need to fight at every turn. This is going to be a struggle for our very existence. Get into the frame of mind that will encourage you to stand behind the issues that in your heart you know without question are morally sound.

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Sunday, December 7, 2008

O. J. Get's Juiced

I remember the night that I bumped into Simpson and his posse as they were leaving Casey's, a popular spot in the mid 1970's located on the Elmwood strip in Buffalo, owned by the late Butch Casey and his hard working Dad who I respectfully knew only as Mr. Casey. You may have seen Butch on T.V. Those crime shows relentlessly play the tapes from his home security system, that caught the murder of his two female guests and of Butch too.

So back to O.J. as he and I made eye contact we acknowledged each other, he recognized me, I had served him a cocktail or two at Mulligans Brick Bar, a joint so notorious for its madness that everyone from celebrity to mooch frequented this place to get shitfaced and or laid. Well right at that moment of our mutual head nods I reached in my pocket and asked him for his autograph. I had promised my little nephew Nick at the time that the next time I saw him I would get it for him. Many years have past since then but what was remarkable is that the Bills organization had some kind of a reunion of sorts in May or June of 1994, by that time I had moved from Buffalo to Chicago. I had come back to visit my beloved mother, on one of the days I decided to go to one of my friends restaurant located on Main Street. When I arrived he wasn't there so I had a few shots of tequila and waited around for a while. To my surprise in walked the owner, who I came to see and his brother. We hadn't seen each other for a while and we had a few more shots and I was getting ready to shove off. I reached my limit, but they said hold on some of the Bills are coming in for dinner c'mon stick around so I did. A minute or two later in walked four of the Bills that I knew from back in the day and then in walks Simpson. We all talked, took some group photo's and then I said my goodbyes and left. A month or so later I believe O.J. killed his wife Nicole and her friend Ron. It was a bitter pill to swallow, not only most importantly did two people lose their lives, and the loss to both families was and still is incomprehensible, the whole city of Buffalo was dealt a familiar smash in the face.

I saw O.J. on the news and he was pitiful, as he uttered "In no way did I mean to hurt anybody, to steal anything from anyone," Simpson said, his voice cracking. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry for all of it. "Friday's verdicts came 13 years to the day after a Los Angeles jury acquitted Simpson of killing, Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman. The way Simpson acted after the murder trial was pretty sickening even if he was really innocent, mocking Nicole's death, making stabbing motions, and the "If I Really Did It" crap, the list goes on. The contempt that he has shown publicly to the Brown and Goldman families has been hideous in nature. In the end his pomposity and his belief that he was untouchable because of his celebrity, finally caught up with him. Simpson was so sure that he was above the law, and beyond reproach, that his ego maniacal rational over came what little logic he may have possessed and that foolishness steered him clear of a plea bargain deal that he was offered. A deal that if taken would have left him with less time to serve. I must admit I am elated with his choice.

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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Why Did This Happen?

"In my administration," Bush told voters in Pittsburgh in October 2000, "we will ask not only what is legal but what is right, not what the lawyers allow but what the public deserves." What happened to Bush that made him denounce his own paradigms? Was he so weak minded that he was easily influenced to go against his own moral values, or was he born an amoral person? His actions clearly demonstrate that he had no reasonable understanding of what he had uttered in October of 2000. The questions about this man are not fostered from any enigmatic or profound unexplained complexities of how he processed information. They rose instead from the traits he readily exuded and paraded around like the beautiful fanning feathers of a proud peacock. The problem was, what he was strutting out for all the world to see was the ugliness of his hubris, and his lack of common manners. He was a poor example of American etiquette and his behavior was proof for anyone to see. He drove the stakes of morality by his administration into thin air instead of the terra firma of mother earth. As his second term of incompetence began, the hardships and burdens being foisted upon the poor and the middle class continued to take it's vile and shameful toll.

For Bush, his administration and their cronies it's been a solid eight years of breaking or bending the laws of our land, including the Constitution. They have ravaged America and the majority of it's populace. The largest redistribution of money from the middle class to the rich has taken place in all of modern history during his watch. They after eight years are leaving our country in shambles. They took so much that they were very close to destroying their own political party. It isn't the money that Bush, Cheney and his administration stole that is problematic. It is the arms and legs, that they took, it is the lives of the Americans made to go on combat tour after combat tour without proper breaks and proper equipment, it's all the collateral damage to the tens of thousands of men women and children, its to all the families that they destroyed, all the American good will that they vanquished. In the end, Bush and Cheney's greed and need for power took precedent over life and limb.

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

To Help Or Not to Help ?

That is the question. After trying to balance the many pro and con ideas of why the U.S. tax payers should or should not loan the Big Three automotive industrial complex more money in order to save them from total collapse. Well for me to arrive at what I think is a thoughtful answer I had to look at the big picture of government spending. I will attempt to include certain data that is pretty much fact in order for you to make your own conclusion. So lets start with foreign and military aid that we the taxpayers pay for via the administration that happens to be calling the shots at the time they are in power. I will concede that I will not be able to recount everything perfectly but I will use only the numbers that I have done the research on.

I think the Mideast is a good starting point so here we go. More than one hundred countries, though a small handful of them receive the largest share. Israel and Egypt have traditionally been the single-largest recipients of U.S. aid, dating back to the 1978 Camp David peace accords between the two countries. For both countries, the majority of this is military aid—$2.4 billion in military aid is requested for Israel in 2008 and $1.3 billion for Egypt. Afghanistan and Iraq, involved in massive U.S.-led nation-building efforts, and Pakistan, an important ally in the war on terrorism, also receive huge amounts of foreign aid. Separate from the aid disbursed by the State Department, the Defense Department also has a growing role in post-conflict situations, providing billions of dollars in reconstruction aid in places like Iraq and Afghanistan. I will give you those 2009 budgetary numbers in a bit. In the meantime lets go right to Israel. Since 1949 the U.S. has given Israel a total of $83.205 billion. The interest costs borne by U.S. tax payers on behalf of Israel are $49.937 billion, thus making the total amount of aid given to Israel since 1949 $133.132 billion. This may mean that the U.S. government has given more federal aid to the average Israeli citizen in any given year than it has given to the average American citizen. Since the 9/11 attacks, Pakistan has become one of the largest recipients of US military aid – reportedly more than 10 billion dollars. Since 1950, the US government has provided over 91 billion dollars to militaries around the world from a single fund. There are a number of additional funds, so the total is substantially higher. Most of the money comes from the Defense and State Departments. Pakistan rocketed from receiving 9 million U.S. dollars in military aid in the three years prior to Sept. 11 to receiving 4.2 billion dollars in the three years after the terrorist attacks, going from 56th on the list of U.S. military aid receivers to No. 3. Israel and Egypt retained their positions on the list at first and second. Jordan retained its fourth place on the list and Afghanistan moved from 64th place to fifth.

Bush released a $3.1 trillion budget, "We all understand that there is a level of unpredictability with such budget estimates, but it is critical that we attempt to plan for expenses we know are coming," said Rep. Ike Skelton, a Missouri Democrat who chairs the House Armed Services Committee. So lets get back to those 2009 numbers and the current numbers to date. Bush has already asked Congress for $70 billion to pay for the wars, and more money will be sought later this year. Last year, the Pentagon asked for $189 billion in war spending. For all of the 2009 fiscal year, which started Oct. 1, the Bush administration said it planned to spend $651.2 billion. That includes the $515 billion request and anticipated supplemental spending bills.
The request will allow the United States to maintain its "technological advantage over current and potential enemies," Defense Secretary Robert Gates said.

So folks by citing just a few of the situations that we humble tax payers are already spending trillions of our hard earned dollars on foreigners and some of which really hate us is not a pleasant feeling, any way for me it is not. Now really I only mentioned a few things here to put a little perspective to the money coming out of your pockets and being well you know redistributed, by the way the last I heard that was a dirty word if your from the right. Let me mention the other agencies that redistribute your money, there are many, including the departments of agriculture, commerce, defense, homeland security, justice, labor, treasury, transportation, health and human services, and interior. Separate permanent authorizations exist for foreign aid programs such as the Peace Corps, the Inter-American Foundation, and the African Development Foundation, as well as the Overseas Private Investment Corporation. If I were to include all of the cash we give out without preconditions from all of these other agencies of redistribution, well I think you get the picture here. I haven't even mentioned the money that you and I give to all these countries for just plain old economic foreign aid, that's another story in itself. What galls me the most is that while all these trillions are going out of our pockets to spend on military budgets, we still have not taken care of the victims of Katrina and Ike, and the victims of the floods this year in the Midwest. This money that our government seems to give away without accountability is so enormous that they have already tapped the pocket of your children and the pocket of their unborn children. So armed with this information I say if helping the American auto industrial complex actually keeps three million Americans working then do it. Compared to the trillions that we give to dictators and our enemies the world over what's the big deal when it comes to helping American workers ?

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Wild Wordsmith of Wasilla

In today's New York Times, Dick Cavett offers up a humourous look at Sarah Palin's use (or abuse) of the English language. A sample:

My concern has been the atrocities there in Darfur and the relevance to me with that issue as we spoke about Africa and some of the countries there that were kind of the people succumbing to the dictators and the corruption of some collapsed governments on the continent, the relevance was Alaska’s investment in Darfur with some of our permanent fund dollars.

And, she concluded, “never, ever did I talk about, well, gee, is it a country or a continent, I just don’t know about this issue.”

It’s admittedly a rare gift to produce a paragraph in which whole clumps of words could be removed without noticeably affecting the sense, if any.

(A cynic might wonder if Wasilla High School’s English and geography departments are draped in black.)

Read the full article here.

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Post Election Fun

Just this morning, I stumbled across this most excellent motivational poster:

Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures
see Sarah Palin pictures

For the complete collections, check out:

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Purely Opinion

Now the election is over, but I don't think that from what I'm hearing from Fox news, and pundits like Bill O, Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Beck, Coulter, and others that there will ever be anything that will lessen the divide that is etched upon the land of our people. So I guess you read the first sentence of my post and by now your saying there goes Joseph again, his party won the election and he is still complaining. Well if that is what you are thinking you are partially correct in coming to that assumption, because when it comes to politics I am never really content with the status quo, no matter what party is in power at any particular time in my life. I really want you to know why I'm coming at you this way, and it's simple. I am being influenced by the words of the people that I mentioned in my opening sentence. If you are of the right wing persuasion no doubt you have heard them yourself, if you are from the left I will tell you that it is not worth the time it takes to report their quotes. I'll just paint a broad picture of all their comments in combination to give you the feel of their underpinnings. They are all indicating in one way or another of the impending doom that the commie socialist Obama will throw down on our country. The point is Obama, has not been sworn into office yet, and they are already on alert and ramping themselves and their flocks of loyal followers up, so that by the time he does get sworn in, they will (right wing)be ready for an all out "ambush". So now that we are talking about Bush, what about those last eight years of compassionate conservatism. Most people have suffered as a result of this administrations interpretation of compassionate conservatism. Yet certain people of the conservative movement are all upset because they have lost the bully pulpit, a tool that they used most effectively to override sense and sensibility. It would be hard for me to believe that every conservative is upset about this presidential election, in my heart of hearts I believe many are upset with their party for sure, they lost many house seats in the process. But why be upset now? That is the question I mean they had 8 years to demonstrate to the world and the dirty anti-American liberals how superior conservatism is and how pro American it is.

If I were of the right wing persuasion I definitely would have been disgusted with the outcome of this administration on every level. If the left wing was in power and committed the same crimes and neglected this countries needs, and broke constitutional law, I know I would be feeling the same way absolutely bewildered, even more so because they are in my party, and to tell you the truth I still feel that the democrats displayed their usual amount of spinelessness by not fighting back on certain issues. Well although I may seem biased, if the new administration doesn't do all that is possible to correct the situation that the good old US of A is in and to help the citizenry on all levels I will pound them on this blog just the same, probably even more. So to put this in perspective, from what I have studied about conservatism, I saw absolutely none of its dogma's enacted, except for maybe, yes they did cut taxes for the 5% of the wealthiest of Americans and they did dole out trillions in no bid contracts to their cronies, and billions in tax incentives for corporate America, as a matter of fact they did more than I thought they did. The government has grown twofold. They even have two wars going on and manage to neglect the veterans that have repeatedly fought in them. I wonder what's wrong with me how could I forget all of that compassion. I really thought that letting the poor citizens in New Orleans and Mississippi drown in real time on TV while Anderson Cooper was reporting the news that Bush knew nothing about as Rice was out shopping for shoes, yeah that was pretty compassionate too.

On the positive side I have received some surprise emails from a few people around the world. They expressed a general theme of, glad to see Obama win, he will do much to unite the world. I can't say that I agree with them wholeheartedly about the uniting the world stuff, but I just hope an Obama administration restores some of all the good will that was squandered by King George and Prince Dick.

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Friday, November 7, 2008

A Well Deserved Victory

Good morning to all. I did not want to begin this post with any ill will, but how it may end I can't say for sure. What I am sure about is, this will be a historic event of epic proportions, when Barack Obama is sworn into office this coming January. The election of Obama to the highest office of this country will be seen not only as racial barrier breaking sea change, but it also radiates through out the world that we are a true democracy. This election was not only decisive I believe it left Obama with a clear mandate to govern just a little left of center without much room to go to far to the left, especially if he wants to unite this nation. If he chooses to govern as Bush did, saying he was going to bring us together then instead Bush stopped governing and started simply to rule over anything that stood in his way and if it wasn't far right it was not going to happen. He shut over half of America out for eight years.

I can't imagine how proud that the African American community is. It must be especially poignant for those black and white Americans who fought and suffered through the civil rights movement leaving many killed or severely injured. Let us not forget the black men, women and children that suffered segregation and humiliation at the hands of the unjust laws that violated the civil rights of our fellow human beings, these laws where not only abusive but degrading to any human being, and they were meant to be shouldered only by certain individuals of our society because of the color of their skin, and for no other reason. That is why men and women like Dr. King and those before him going back to Harriet Tubman did what they did. It will be ninety six years after the death of Harriet Tubman that Americans can finally reap what she had sown. I hope that this event will help ease some of the racial tensions that will sadly always seem to exist in our great country, but it is what can be hailed as a good start towards equality.

Another reason why my hat is of to Obama, he not only had to overcome the racial prejudices which are still prevalent in American society, he also had to overcome his own name, then he had to defeat the Clinton machine, and Hillary was tough as nails no doubt about it, she gave him a run for his money. Then there was all this, be afraid of Obama, the GOP warned us. Be afraid of something new, something different. He would meet with our enemies. His middle name is Hussein. He "pals around with terrorists," consorts with the radicals at Acorn (which is "destroying the fabric of democracy"), and doesn't see America "like you and I see America." A vote for Obama would be "dangerous" and "too risky for America." Obama is a socialist he want's to take your money and spread it around, he's a communist, he's a Muslim terrorist sympathizer the GOP shouted. I mean a lot of people believe all this crap. It's like, did they forget that we have a Department of Homeland Security, did they forget that the Bush and Chenney oligarchy were taping Americans phone conversations, I mean how dumb can someone be to think that with the FBI, CIA, Special OPS, and all the other government agencies invading our privacy, don't you think they would have stopped a commie or a socialist or a terrorist from running for any office let alone the presidency, well I knew I couldn't stay totally positive, because when I think of how the right wing can't figure that out for themselves it just boggles what little is left between my ears. They just believe in the Rovian politics of fear and "amen".

Well anyway it didn't work this time and more people smartened up. Frankly the GOP ran a pretty insulting campaign, they never mentioned any solutions or plans to solve any kitchen table problems. They just kept warning us and trying to instill fear. Even the intellectual republicans that were embarrassed enough went on record to support Obama and give their assessments of Sarah Palin. In the end the man against all odds simply won in a landslide. He won because he does have an intellect that people think might be useful in these tough times. Most of all Obama won because he was disciplined stayed on message had a ground game that no other campaign has ever come up against, and that changed the electoral college map that actually turned
Virginia, Indiana, Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, Colorado, New Mexico, and Nevada all red states into blue states. The future in American politics belongs to the party that can win a more racially diverse, better educated, more metropolitan electorate. I think right now the Democrats get it and so does Obama.

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Monday, November 3, 2008

Election Eve

T'was the night before the elections and all through the house
all the parties were a stirring even the mouse.

Brother Tom says for McCain and Palin he sees nothin but clear sailing
and even Aunt Jayne wants Johnny McCain
but Uncle Neal won't whimper he's not gonna reveal

And Sis is a bliss with Mama because they both want Obama

Cousin Pete thinks republicans will be certain to repeat
While Grandma LuLu thinks they will be losing many a house seat

But Dad says, Hey! screw them all I'm not voting for no one this Fall.

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Step "RIGHT" Up and Get Your Ticket, No Waiting No Lines, Step"RIGHT" Up

Good morning all, I have to say I really enjoyed the outcome of the the neo-fascist congresswomen from Minnesota Michele Bachmann's (R) poll numbers, before she opened her mouth (see last post) she had a +13 point lead in the Minnesota 6th district race to a little known contender Mr. Tinklenberg (D), but as a direct result of her jaw flapping lies, she managed to fill the sails of Tinklenbergs ship with a sudden $900,000 in contributions, not only that she has fallen -3% behind him in her bid for re-election. You can see this at the latest polling This all goes to a much bigger point which I've decided to share with all of you. If you are reading this post you can scroll down and see the title and or contents of my last post. I received some responses online and since I post my true identity and email I also receive a few comments via email. I just want to share a couple of the comments that are negative. I really don't mind the negative comments because if they are thoughtful or insightful or just plain civil, I will learn something from them after all, I am in most cases just sharing my humble opinion with you, unless I am stating data that needs to be backed up by facts, then I will always do my homework before putting my foot into my mouth so that I can at least report accurate information. So here are the comments I am speaking of, and they will tie into the later points of this blog post:
Anonymous said...

your just another idiot liberal,all dems do is take,take your money and rights.palin is a governor,obama couldn't run a fruit stand,rather have her run the country than a white hating muslim

October 25, 2008 3:43 PM

Anonymous Jason said...Dear Joseph,

This right wing nut would like to ask a few questions. When it comes to really screwing it up (the economy) you should ask your party that question. It was your party lead by Frank, Dodd, and many othes that blocked reform efforts by Bush and the Republicans and Fannie Mae and Mac. It was not tax cuts that leads us down this road. It is maddening to me that Progressives are so quick to want to control other people money and eventually speack(Fairness Doctrine). Us Neo-Fascists guess just don't get it. And btw pinhead I hope the election is stolen by ACORN registering 10,000's of false registerations. Go luck the next 4 years I belive that some of you will writing on conservative blogs after your "chosen one" has literally screwed this country over.
October 25, 2008 9:26 AM


Now I could be totally of base, but I hate to judge people when they are emoting their feelings when they may not be in a rational state of mind. So what I want to do is to list some of the hard core republican and conservatives that where brought up to be right wingers, and the fact that they are now going to support Obama, they have no motive other than to make this decision based on their intellect and the fact that they have the feeling that this candidate of their choice has a firm grasp of the challenges that lie ahead and that he is their best bet to salvage a nation that has been economically destroyed, militarily on its last leg, hasn't taken care of it's veterans, has let it's fellow Americans down, (Katrina) not to mention the complete ineptness of the two wars and the thousands of lives they have taken and the trillions of dollars they have wasted all in the name of oil and defense contracts. So I am only going to mention a few because there are many more prominent Republicans voting for Obama than I am going to list this morning. Keep in mind that these Republicans are all on the record, I didn't just make them up for the uniformed visitors. Former Secretary of State Colin Powell and conservative talk-show host Michael Smerconish are hardly alone among Republicans supporting Barack Obama. A surprising number of recognizable Republicans are reportedly supporting Obama the Democratic nominee: Julie Nixon Eisenhower, Rep. Wayne Gilchrest of Maryland, former Rep. Jim Leach of Iowa, former Sen. Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island, Bush fund-raiser Rita Hauser, former National Review publisher Wick Allison, former National Review columnist Christopher Buckley (son of William F.), and former Reagan-Bush lawyer and pro-life legal scholar Doug Kmiec. (Even Jenna Bush, President Bush's daughter, told Larry King she's undecided.) Also today Fairbanks, Alaska's Republican Mayor Jim Whitaker endorsed Obama. Former Massachusetts Gov. William Weld, a Republican, and former Bush press secretary Scott McClellen. Tom Bernstein who went to Yale University with Bush and co-owned the Texas Rangers baseball team with him. Oregon's First District GOP Congressional Nominee Joel Haugen. Reagan policy adviser Bruce Bartlett. Delbert Spurlock, who was Assistant Secretary of the Army under Reagan. Tony Campell, a former GOP congressional candidate from Maryland, Douglas Kmiec, a Republican who served in the Justice Department under President Ronald Reagan. Dorothy Danforth Burlin, a lawyer who is the daughter of former U.S. Senator John Danforth. Susan Eisenhower, president of the Eisenhower Group. "It's been a very difficult thing for me because I've never endorsed a Democrat before...but sometimes in life you come to a juncture where it's very clear the national interest trumps party discipline - Jim Leach" A while back I wrote about Lou Thieblemont, mayor of Camp Hill, Pennsylvania and lifelong Republican switching parties so he could vote for Barack Obama in Pennsylvania. Lincoln Chaffe, Here is what the only Republican senator who opposed the war said when he endorsed Obama, "I believe Senator Obama is the best candidate to restore American credibility, to restore our confidence to be moral and to bring people together to solve the complex issues such as the economy, the environment and global stability," Douglas Kmiec served in Reagan's DoJ but he's supporting Obama. Today I endorse Barack Obama for president of the United States. I believe him to be a person of integrity, intelligence, and genuine good will. I take him at his word that he wants to move the nation beyond its religious and racial divides and that he wants to return the United States to that company of nations committed to human rights. Brink Lindsey of the Cato Institute, a libertarian free market think tank in Washington, said he was “seriously thinking of pulling the lever” for Obama in November. Although he is lukewarm about some of his policies - particularly on free trade and tax and spending - he believes that “the post-partisan, post cultural war rhetoric of Barack Obama is deeply appealing”. There is also the question of pay-back for eight years of Republican mismanagement. “There is a good chunk of people, like myself, who believe the Republicans ought to go down in flames,” he said. “They have made a complete hash of things and they deserve to pay.” Former Massachusetts Gov. William Weld, a Republican, and editor Christopher Hitchens have also endorsed Barack Obama. So with this information I hope to justify to the people that write those racist and hateful comments that they need to look at the big picture. Republicans with long respected records of loyalty to a party can change because they feel insulted by what they have been handed, I think all of these people are smarter than the commentators that addressed me think they are, and they are certainly smarter than me. Oh! and I almost forgot, CC Goldwater is on that list she is the daughter of the iconic Republican Barry Goldwater.

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hatred, Fear and Division

I guess there is no getting around the right wing political playbook without those good old reliable never fail standbys for substance and issues, instead they give you hatred, fear and division. Yesterday was a day that really made me take a deep breath and then let out a long sigh, not of relief as you might imagine. No this was a sigh of disgust and disdain. What may you ask could have gotten you so riled up Joseph. Well let me tell you what it was. When I heard the disgusting low life remarks uttered from Minnesota congresswomen Michele Bachmann (R) on the tube today she sickened me. Now I have heard her a few other times on various political talk shows and I have never really heard anything positive or issue oriented from her foul mouth in the past, just the usual neo-con talking points which after 8 years of hearing them are kind of bearable.

So today I guess she decided to cross the line of good judgment and jumped face first into a pool of stinking crap. Bachmann's incoherent raves that she is demanding that the media and the justice department start investigating the liberals in congress that hate this country, she said they are there, she is certain they are anti American and the truth should come out. This foolish uninformed women is full of vitriol and it is people like herself, when their words are heard, that cast dispersions on our great country. Amid all the problems that our nation is facing militarily, economically and socially, she is on the tube spewing lies about something she know nothing about, and that about is patriotism. She has no answers for any of the problems facing most Americans, so instead of addressing issues she would rather invoke hatred by saying that only her right wing neo-fascist party is the party that loves America. What she forgot to add to that phrase is that they love to f*ck it up. She is an embarrassment to this country when she blurts such lies at the same time that the blood of the democrat and republican and the independent soldiers are soaking the sands in the Mideast for the Bush and Chenney oil corporations and defense contractors. She is a blight onto herself as is Palin who espoused that today she is campaigning in the small patriotic towns and so forth that love this country and so on by golly. These are the people that love America as to be the patriotic people of our nation from the rural patriotic areas dog- gone-it. Let me just say this about Palin I'll make it short and sweet, to infer that the people that go to her and McCain rallies are the only folks that love this country and not any others, makes her divisive and hateful as she sounds, and to steal the words of Bill O'rielly, and John McCain she "my friends" is a true pinhead.

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Who Really Supports our Troops ?

Top of the morning to you all. I am always amazed how well propaganda works. It has served both parties in the past and seems to be an important tool that enables one party to garner the vote over the other. Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Hannity, Bill O'Rielly, Dick Morris you know I can go on forever but I think you get the gist of this. The right wing is always wagging the flag and painting everyone that is against the Iraq war as unpatriotic and we don't support the troops and we hate America. Well they then go on to say how the military votes republican as if the military was a monolithic group of undiversified human beings.

Although it may be true that high ranking officers and retirees may lean right the majority of the armed services are in fact made up of many minority blocs of NCO's and that includes the enlisted men and women of lower ranks that have more life altering problems than their civilian counterparts. Now election time is nearing and if the veterans of the past and present haven't had your respect or support this is now the time to stand behind them, because they really need you as much as any other combat vet needed the right vote and the people to stand behind them from any war. I will provide you with a link that will in a matter of one or two minutes time enable you to check the record of your senators and congressmen or woman's votes pertaining directly to taking care of our veterans. You owe it to them and to yourself to make an informed decision. You are going to be surprised when you see the truth about who really supports our troops. VETERANS REPORT CARD.

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Friday, October 3, 2008

Palin and Biden Debate Dog-gone-it!

After the VP debate most of my gut feelings about Palin and Biden were confirmed, but I went on the Huffingpost to read Arianna Huffington's post blog analysis. She was in attendance at all women high profile gathering at the Four Seasons in Aviara, CA. The Fortune's Most Powerful Women Summit hosted by ExxonMobil, they had over a couple of hundred attendees of mixed ideology. According to Arianna the response by the women there was not very good. So I did respond to her blog with the following comment.

Dear Arianna,

On my own blog I have held back from criticizing Palin even with the revelations of her interviews with Gibson and Couric, to back me up, just so I would not be accused of sexism. I am hoping that in one of your future blogs that you would take the time to explain just what it is that makes female republican pundits, politicians and newswomen defend Palin. How is it that they are not embarrassed by her lack of common knowledge and her Bushianic mannerisms. I think that Palins' performance tonight and the description of your event tonight among women voters has enabled me to express my views without concerns of sexism. Thanks for your insight.



Well here is my take on McCains choice for VP. I think she is on the same plain as George Bush.
Now you must realize that this woman has excited the republican party, that she has galvanized the religious right wing, and has given hope to her ticket and that she is being defended by many high profile and long respected neo-cons. I just need to know how these people let idealism trump what they are actually hearing from Palins mouth. When I watch and listen to the nonsense that she speaks makes me want to think that this cannot be happening. I mean doesn't this really show the mentality of the people on the right that are supporting and defending her political chops. They did the same for Bush for seven years so I guess that I should not act so surprised. I mean the republican party is in the state of denial that is the only way any rational person would be able to accept what they are being handed.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Christina Applegate & Oprah

I was channel surfing last night and as I was clicking away at the remote as if it were a dollar bill dispenser I saw Oprah introducing her featured guest Christina Applegate. Knowing that she has been fighting breast cancer I stayed tuned in to see how she was feeling. I was glad that I made the decision to watch the program.
It really enlightened me to some of the hard realities that women have to face on a daily basis, and it was touching to hear Christina talk about her battle and her choice to have both breast removed.

I was riveted by her positive attitude and her frankness to bare herself emotionally in front of a live audience and millions of viewers. The statistics that were spoken about were staggering, I believe they said that every 20 minutes 5 women are diagnosed with breast cancer and that about 40,000 women per year lose the battle. Well the reason that I decided to write about this on my blog which is mostly political, is that I also learned from the Christina and Oprah back and forth that the reason Christina decided to have both breast removed is that although removing the one breast would have put her on the road to recovery, she tested positive the breast cancer gene. Another thing that I learned from the show was that a mammogram does not always show if there is cancer present due to the density of a woman's breast, and after a mammogram a women should inquire about the density of her breast so that if she has density, the other option to make sure she is cancer free is an MRI.

How is this political you may ask? Well the insurance companies won't pay for an MRI for women and they also won't pay to find out if a woman is carrying the breast cancer gene. Now this no doubt is legal but immoral because of the Millions of dollars that the insurance lobbyist are paying to both parties. This is something that you can do something about. If you have the time to read this blog, don't waste any time, call or write or email your senators and congresspersons, repeatedly and get your friends involved, this is a horrible injustice, because it forces women who are not rich to not be able to take all the appropriate measures to put prevention on their side. I implore you to demand, that congress and the senate address the insurance industry to solve this situation, and that it should be mandated that greedy over paid insurance companies give all women an equal chance to prevent this traumatic disease, by covering these types of life saving tests. Please don't be afraid to come down on your elected representatives, tell them up front to stop taking money from the insurance lobbyist and if they continue to do so you wont vote for them, look after all they work for you and they should represent your interests not the interest of giant insurance conglomerates. To all the special guest on that show thanks for this information.

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Just Do It!

If there was ever a time that you thought you should make a promise to help your country and to help your fellow Americans this is it. The history of events starting on the tragic morning of 9/11/03 to the brink of the near collapse of our economy on or near the days ahead should shake every American out of their false sense of security or that sand castle that they are living in located in the sky, and bring them down to earth. Feet first, head first any position that it takes to snap us back to the reality that awaits us when we finally open our eyes and see what has happened here in America, see what is happening right now, and what we Americans will have in store for us in the not to distant future.

Now let me remind you that a good portion of us have made that fall and it has awakened us. Starting first with the families of the fallen and injured as a result of 9/11. That in turn led to the brave service men and women that made the ultimate sacrifice in Afghanistan and Iraq and continue to do so as they are given combat tours one after the other should they survive, and lets not forget how hard that their families landed when that reality sank in. Let me remind all Americans that may be reading this blog about the the tens of thousands of citizens that had their jobs outsourced during the past eight years, not to mention the tens of thousands of hard working Americans that lost their life savings and pensions by the likes of the Ken Lay's of Enron and others, they too are aware. Now that brings us to Katrina, what can I say when the world saw for themselves the disgrace of letting our own just die. The video evidence was irrefutable as the bodies of Americans floated behind or beside Anderson Cooper in scene after scene on CNN. Those people that were left behind by the worlds richest nation still have no homes and are still displaced and still have missing family members and this is over 3 years ago, so I guess the next group of people that will get a dose of reality from this administration will be the victims of Ike.

My interest is to show all Americana that much of the pain and suffering could have been managed in a way that may have impacted our citizens in a less traumatic way. My intent is to point out the total incompetence that not only ruled over but destroyed many of our lives. The majority of people that these natural disasters and man made pitfalls or the wars didn't touch are the ones I would like to waken. Please wake up and register to vote. Now I know I didn't mention many of the other scandals and disasters that struck America, and its great American citizens on this blog, the reason, is because then this would not be a blog, it would be a book. I just hope that you register and vote, even if you don't agree with my politics. I hold the people that were in charge of our country at the time these things happened to be mostly responsible for bringing America to its lowest point in my lifetime. If this simplistic outline and its consequences don't make you think its time for change, then I guess you will have to walk in the shoes of the people that have been exposed to this inhumane suffering and total lack of accountability. Please Vote.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Will the Real John MCain please stand up, please stand up!

I believe that now is the time for Obama to incorporate possible solutions to the every day concerns facing the average voter when responding to smears from John McCain. Obama's rebuttals should be short and concise followed by words describing the encouragement and support that will come to Americans via his administrations policies. Win or lose this race has brought to light the real men behind the names. I really am dismayed to see the kind person that politics has turned John McCain into, how sad it is to hear in large part that what he speaks just does not reflect what is on the record in terms of his votes and his legislative acts. McCain has consistently voted to deregulate, he has had a career of anti regulatory votes, and all any person that is interested in the truth has to do is to not take my word for it but just take the time and check out his voting record for themselves. His battle against regulations span everything from the mortgage industry to banking and energy just to name a few. Now he claims to be the great "regulator" who will get all the corporate crooks and all the fraudulent law breakers. Well I am just getting over the blight of the "decider" what makes the the neo-cons think that I am ready for the "regulator". Please, please just spare me. I don't know why the media and the Obama camp have given the "regulator" a pass, they should just publish what he has done and let the record speak for itself it will clearly show all his contributions leading to the sorry state of our economy. I'm paraphrasing Romney's speech from the republican convention but he said loud and clear that when McCain gets elected president, that "John would unleash a weed whacker on government regulation." Although both men have stretched the truth about each others misdeeds, there are public records that are irrefutable, so why don't you do yourself a favor and see for yourself who's kidding who. McCain has outdistanced Obama when it comes to inaccuracy in campaign advertising by a long shot. Here are few quick examples:
Candidates' Voting Record On Issues Related To Children's Health Care

-- State Children's Health Insurance Program (S-CHIP) Reauth. (8/2007): McCain - No; Obama - Yes
-- Teen Pregnancy Education Amendment (2006): McCain - No; Obama - Yes
-- Hurricane Health Care Amendment, to provide emergency health care for survivors of Katrina (2005): McCain - No; Obama - Yes

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Country First ???

We as civilized human beings are supposedly learning to evolve in a positive manner. One of the most common methods at our disposal that should aid us in this quest to attain civility, I would think would be history, and I think we can all agree on this idea. But In spite of the most obvious outcome of every single modern day war in regards to the treatment of veterans, this country has problematically failed miserably to uphold the moral obligations that it owes to its combat veterans of every war in every era. This statement sadly is not rhetoric and it has been documented not only accurately, but experienced by the majority of vets that needed help then and now, and I don't mean to cast aspersions on the VA hospitals because the Md's and RN's and all of the staff are hard working and loyal, they just happen to be under staffed and under funded and continually over flowing, and to knowingly let there be homeless and jobless vets out there is just not only heartbreaking, its a sin committed by this administration every day.

I just want to share a brief bit of my personal history in regards to how past administrations have treated combat vets, and before I go any further I believe that no matter what your politics the Bush & Cheney administration by far has been the most disrespectful, odious and malignant human beings to have ever been in command of anything let alone the precious gift of life given to us by our Creator, and if your agnostic you still have to believe that life is indeed precious. My father and four of his brothers now all deceased all fought in WWII, and all they got for their blood sweat and tears were shrapnel and bullet wounds, malaria and shell shock, that's what they called ptsd syndrome back then. I am Joseph and I served in Vietnam along with two of my fathers brothers sons, my cousin Joe and my cousin Andy. The only thing I can remember getting from my government was an additional $65 dollars per month added to my paycheck for combat pay, but in general we got about the same thing our dads got and about the same thing our brothers got who by the way never get mentioned but suffered just the same in the Korean War.

This is one of the reasons that it is hard for me to say with conviction "country first" when the chicken hawks that run this country continue at all costs sending our brave children into the meat grinder of the military industrial complex, not just once but over and over again until they either die or break down, and by the way we were all forewarned about this by a great republican in the 50's president Dwight D. Eisenhower, but to no avail they are sent repeatedly, without regard for their families or their futures, this administration has used human beings like fodder to feed their greed and ambitions. Those are the men that drape an American Flag around themselves and cry support the troops, but refuse to sign a comprehensive GI bill, the same men who sent our sons & daughters, husbands and wives and even our grandfathers to war and not even give them the proper equipment to defend themselves, did you ever think in your life time that you would see a president of these United States of America make a mother or wife or other family relative go to a surplus store to buy their loved ones a bullet proof vest to send to them while they were already in a war zone or send Americans to war without the proper armor and armored vehicles. Did you ever think you would see a president that would mandate that after you went to war and served your time, that you would be back door drafted back into service. When the Bush and Cheney's of the world say "Americans & America First" then may I subscribe to the baseless republican slogan of "Country First"? just one of many slogans that we have had to hear in the past 7 years. I don't think so because republican leaders will never say Americans and America First. Finally for the life of me I still don't understand why of all men John McCain did not support the new GI bill sent to the floor by Senator Jim Webb ???

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